Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones was kin. I never had the pleasure of meeting her, so let’s call her my distant cousin “on the camera department side”. I look at her photograph and immediately connect with her exuberance. Huge smile. Huge camera. Film production can really be that awesome. I’ve always likened film crews to a family. Dysfunctional. But still family. This family has a habit, passed on from generation to generation, of evading authority for the “greater art”.

Orson Welles was our Godfather of Rebellion. From “The Making of Citizen Kane”:

“To keep studio execs off his back, Orson Welles claimed the cast and crew were “in rehearsal” during the first few days of shooting, when in fact they were actually shooting the film. It took a number of days before the studio caught on.”

I’ve always loved that story but thought of it differently after Sarah’s death. How can I reconcile my love for renegade filmmakers with a genuine panic that below the line’s safety is an after thought?

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